The Alchemist

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho Do you know a weird chick who keeps posting shitty and cliched quotations as her FB update? I bet my gluteus maximus muscle that she's got a shoplifted copy of this goddamn apology of a book in her stinking bedroom somewhere. Ladies and liberal folks excuse yourself for a minute while I talk to the dude who came here to find out if he should buy this book.Bro,This book is so gay, you will be sporting a pink bandana at the gym doing cardio with a Shake Weight when you finish it. Man, if that nerd chick wants to know your opinion on this book (I know) tell her that Santiago is a dope and Fatima was probably engaging her own "personal legend" while he was out seeking his. Peace out and ditch that nerd chick, not worth the trouble man.Regards,Another Bro. WAIT? did I just hear a "dafuq?" echo because of my incoherent and batshit crazy writing above? my point exactly with this book and the author.