Door - Margaret Atwood "...bitch is dead" - The final words spoken by Mr. Bond in this book. HOTDAMN! this book is so marinated in macho, I think I grew a fresh lock of chest hair just reading it. I purchased this for nothing else but to feel like novelty what with Skyfall earning rave reviews (yep, this is my first ever Bond novel). Reading it made me feel...wait...did I tell you about the chest hair thing? did? OK then. The only disappointment was the vast difference in how Vesper Lynd was in the movie version (the Daniel Craig one) which I absolutely loved and this one where she has been made out to be a typical damsel in distress material. If you haven't given particular attention to Vesper Lynd of the movie version, search for "I am the money" on youtube and you will see what I meant. The kinda woman only Mr. Bond can handle. Anyway, forgive me for digressing. Book is awesome, read it but if you like the movie version better, stay in that lane and don't switch over.