The Enchiridion

The Enchiridion - Epictetus Someone very smart said “A good master is not who teaches well but one who creates the most number of masters”. A level of wisdom and understanding which I am very afraid belongs to a select few in this world and Epictetus must be their lord master. Am I over reacting? Maybe but the depth with which the material in this book is presented is mind boggling. For example, Epictetus says there is nay not a person who is disturbing but rather our opinion about them that is actually disturbing us. Whoa! Total brain blast!It is an experience reading this book, almost a divination if you are into miracles and all.I was quite disappointed when this edition stopped short at 20 odd pages while his worthy followers Seneca and Markus Aurelius seem to have written much bigger books. Hey, at least we did not get some goodball intellectual mudding up the original text with his interpretations and this book was written by his student anyways.