Three Chinese Poets

Three Chinese Poets - Vikram Seth To be honest, I only picked this book because a few weeks ago, I noticed that a fellow reviewer had very much enjoyed her experience with a book on poetry. I had been wanting to read some serious poetry for sometime anyway. So, here I was, an action genre lover trying to foray into a world I hardly understand much less about the narrower section which reveres Chinese poets from centuries ago. End result, I didn't get it. Probably will not for a long time. This book is for some serious connoisseurs of poetry. Beginners and wannabe poetry lovers (like me) should mind their business elsewhere. Now, having said that, I am giving four stars for the only poem I enjoyed, "Drinking alone with the the moon" by Li Bai(one of the three poets showcased in this book), my favorite excerpt:A pot of wine among the flowers.I drink alone, no friend with me.I raise my cup to invite the moon.He and my shadow and I make three.