The End of War

The End of War - David L. Robbins One of the most enjoyable reads in the recent times. The author does right to the wrongs the German people in the annuls of history were put through for what was the fault of Hitler and his henchmen. That and how he shows that the so called Titans of war were just petty men at the breakfast table. There is this scene where (one of) the female protagonists in the story realizes the price her mother was paying to bring home black market food for dinner every day that had me put the book down for several days and resort to reading P.G Wodehouse to recuperate; Also, there is another scene where they (the mother and daughter duo) are visited by the male protagonist and misunderstand him to be one of the many Russian soldiers who visited them after the invasion and did some terrible things. I am not the emotional type but I have to say I felt my heart pinched many a times as I read the book. In the end, the message was clear, there are no heroes in a war.