The Krishna Key

The Krishna Key - Ashwin Sanghi This book promised and disappointed in equal measures. The premise of a serial killer being so in the illusion of an narcissistic prophesy come true sounded so awesome that I bought this baby in the blink of an eye. Only to be kicked in the nether regions by an almost Dan Brown-ish approach to the story treatment. It was almost nausea inducing with the author face punching you with one hypothesis after another in every page doing little justice to character and story development while at that. My pet peeve? noticed how Saini "smiled" every time he laid out a trivia? Boy! I felt like being scratched by sandpaper every time I read that. Still, I would give this a 3 star rating for what seemed to be a decent proof reading effort on the publishers part which so happens to be the single most deficiency of Indian authored books and also what seemed to be adequate research by the author. Good premise, terrible story, unbelievable plot and too much of trivia.