Black Hawk Down (Movie Tie-in)

Black Hawk Down : A Story of Modern War - Mark Bowden To think that someone did what kids do on COD online servers for real is so amazing to know. I mean, you would have to re-spawn like at least twice in easy mode to get through in COD MW2 (which has the most unintelligent AI) and here we have these brave gentlemen who can say "been there done that"; what a legacy!It is quite clear, the author has done his homework to perfection. The very realistic depiction of the longing the rangers have to be among the "D boys", the living conditions in the hangars, the confusion among the armored vehicle movement among so many other details does justice to the sacrifice the men and women of the peace keeping force have made. You cannot help but admire the sheer badass bravery of the two snipers who stayed with the downed pilot.