Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line - Judith Cutler I had almost believed that I would never be convinced about the completeness of a love story; That is until I read this book. If you could excuse the adolescent age of the female protagonist in the story (come on! we are talking of pre-independence India here) you will like myself experience or may I say relive that one serious first love (unsuccessful) story of yours. No kidding, this book hit very close to home for me, don't ask, long story. There were some situations in this book that almost made me hold my breath at times. The love story in this book is not the kind of puppy love bordering on naked beach culture that kids of these days have. This is serious stuff, the kinda love story where you walk out on your near and dear ones for. Where the heartbreak is so severe that the only antidote is more pain. Where loneliness is sweet release. I could go on but I will stop my infliction by saying this - only a broken heart will attest to the journey of rehabilitation that is depicted in this book. I do.