The Cobra

The Cobra - Frederick Forsyth Even the masters make mistakes or so I am to believe by this lack luster performance by Mr.Forsyth. I am not saying it is bad, it just does not register even a blip on the Forsyth scale - an instrument of fiction writing awesomeness that all other action thriller writers will be measured by - this is the man who wrote Devil's alternative and the Fist of God for crying out loud. I am a noob here and doling out details of the plot seems to be considered a cardinal sin here so I will keep it relevant to those who have read it - that part where Deveraux asks Cal to go somewhere to destroy something and Cal tastes it - now, why would he do that? that just illogical. Here's a man who went behind enemy lines (while negotiating something with someone) and escaped by a whisker to achieve Deveraux's master plan and suddenly he doubts the very man? does not add up at all. All said and done, high marks for research and amazing application of some novel ideas. Bad marks for lack of character development. May the Gods forgive this sin I have committed by criticizing one of their finest gifts to the world of fiction writing.