Man's Search for Meaning

Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor E. Frankl, Harold S. Kushner This book had come highly recommended in an article written by a highly acclaimed book critic in the local newspaper. I must admit, I only understood Mr.Frankl's underlying idea on reading this book the second time around and he is almost telling you person to person - 'no matter what happens, you have the option of how you respond to a situation, take it from me I survived Auschwitz'. Mr.Frankl seems to be having this internal conflict while writing this book as he clearly mentions in the book's introduction that he wasn't writing yet another holocaust survivor tale but as the book progresses he seems to be under pressure to validate his idea with the weight of his experiences and significant number of them are from his days during the war. That and the edition was the one where Mr.Frankl had been coerced into spelling out his methodology of treatment (he was a psychologist) called logotherapy as an addendum to the original manuscript/ edition which did not contain it. Not a lot but just a few pages explaining it and about two or three case as examples. So, it takes a bit of time trying to understand what he is really trying to say but when it dawns on you eventually it bathes you in a light that will leave you refreshed for weeks to follow or even a lifetime. So, take your time, allow Mr.Frankl to talk to you. Listen to him as many times as you can until you understand his message because it is a lesson everyone needs to learn.