The Spy Who Came In from the Cold

The Spy Who Came In from the Cold - John le Carré Mr. le Carré is an artist at weaving the words into emotions and I believe this amazing ability was his undoing in this book. In the book Mr. le Carré builds a story around a central concept found in his books - that the life of a spy isn't exactly romantic it is made out to be and gets to the very DNA of such a life which is defined by mundane - and then tries to weave that into what must have been the strongest emotion at that time in Europe (I mean he went after that theater specifically which if nothing else at the least the ending will suggest it was indeed)so as to dip into that little pool of pain that may have still been left stagnating in the heart of a world war survivor or more so a European from that region. I get all that but as a school going kid at the time the wall was brought down and from a region millions of miles away, the emotion that Mr. le Carré tries to bring to the front in the pages of this book is lost on me. It is a good book, within a relevant context to the right person.