Gone Tomorrow -1st Edition/1st Impression

Gone Tomorrow - Lee Child Holy eff! the starting man the effing starting of this book is so AWE....I puked with excitement....SOME!!!!When in the intro phase Mr. Child ends the chapter with "...I was looking at a woman" (something to that effect, I don't remember the exact words) I could hear the entire Casino Royale theme song start (surround sound mode) in my head. You see, that is exactly the duty an author of this genre owes to his readers - Pant-shittingly badass opening that grabs your attention by the gonads and does not let go. Sheer brilliance, effing A peeps. Yeah, the book chucks some basic detective stuff and loose sub-plot stitching at your face in the middle but that floor-to-floor fight in the end violently climaxing in a legendary knife fight makes it up satisfyingly. Go for it and read this book. You will enjoy every bit of it.