American Assassin: A Thriller

American Assassin - Vince Flynn Look, here's something about us diehard action-thriller fanboys - we will forgive an author's imprudence with a few weak spots in the plot now and then as long as we get our action-gasm in totality but what we don't do is tolerate preachy one-sided-win story. Two ingredients which this author is dishing out in heaps in this book. I am not even going to talk about the piss poor editing, its the gross injustice that has been meted out to Mitch Rapp that I am very disappointed with. It took Mr. Flynn exactly three pages to span through Rapp's metamorphosis from a teenager who loses his father to a young adult who loses his first love to become this lethal moral compass all of us have come to love. What? this is Mitch Rapp, the one man army who is that one hope of retribution against the wrong doers, you cannot chalk that up to Irene's exceptional talent hunting skills!!! all of it justified by making Hurley the bad guy and Stanfield convincing him that he may just have goofed up. NO, you need to take us into the man's head, show us his raw emotions harden into metal and sharpened by balls to the walls kinda training. Instead, what we are shown is that Rapp was an awesome guy all the while. Not to mention the recent trend of brushing a familial touch to justify the loyalty among the characters; Irene thinks of Rapp as her brother, Hurley thinks of Irene as his niece (justifiable by the back-story thanfully provided but come on!) etc., this is not even coming to close Jason Bourne and his son Khan's dismally written about bonding. One of the praises very prominently printed on my copy of this book said something to the effect that Mr.Flynn has an eye on Lee Child's action-thriller throne. The fact that this book is "trying" (very hard) to draw a parallel to Jack Reacher's phenomenal knuckle crunching early-days context story "The Enemy" is not lost on us and I would like to take this opportunity to call FAIL on that. Not with this book, no sir.