Think on These Things

Think on These Things - Jiddu Krishnamurti, D. Rajagopal We non-conformists could be a lot of things to this world but one thing we aren't is being illogical. A quality little less understood and even lesser in practice by the larger populace but a rite of passage if you want to be amongst us. There is no question that Mr. Krishnamurti occupies a place of respect in this tiny but shunned world of ours but any non-conformist worth his salt will say that Mr. Krishnamurti said a few things south of logical. Case in example being, when explaining about a certain quality on inward happiness he says something to the effect "ever noticed how fat people are happy?", Mr. Krishnamurti because that would be stereotyping.Anyways, with that out of my heart (&mind), I would like to tell you what I liked about the book. The questions. Deep, introspective and genuinely honest sounding in their deliberation. Questions, you and I would be surprised to know we failed to recognize as one in the first place. Mr. Krishnamurthi for most part has been honest with answers and astoundingly insightful in his answers. In one section, Mr Krishnamurthi argues on the point that since people define all that transcends the physical world and the traditional framework of time as "soul", shouldn't we as non-conformists ask the apt question - is there a soul?A brilliant book not because it is perfect but because it is an intelligent discussion with flaws. Not to be read once but to be read many times, not as an inspiration but as a reality check. I know I will.