Get To The Top: The Ten Rules For Social Success

Get To The Top: The Ten Rules For Social Success - Suhel Seth Look, I am the guy who unashamedly asks the waiter at the restaurant to pack the leftovers after a dinner so that I don't have to bother making stuff at home for my pet. Call me cheap, middle class or stingy but one thing is certain, I will be a very unwelcome guest at Mr. Suhel Seth's house party.For instance, the author has a whole room dedicated to Arun Jaitley (a BJP politician for the uninitiated) because he is a dear friend and likes to discuss politics and the author doesn't. So, when his politician friend comes home for a party and likes to discuss politics with someone, he goes to the "Jaitley Room". If that isn't name-dropping, I don't know what is. If your thirst for triviality is not quenched yet, let me assure you, there is copious amounts of it and more in this book.So, there's good stuff, bad stuff and (mostly) irrelevant stuff in this book. Let me tell you why I emphasized on irrelevant; Parties, according to Mr. Suhel Seth seem to be the only reason why you would want to have a cordial relationship with your friend's wife at your party. Not for genuine respect for the person, not because she is you know a lady at your house as your guest but for the author's reasoning that she can veto you out of their party guest list. What? Who does that kinda shit? The page 3 crowd, that's who. Come on, who are we kidding here? chances are that you (yep, you who is reading this) are a middle class character like me who's idea of a party is the DJ night at a friend’s marriage where you are obligated by basic middle class upbringing to say 'Namaste' to your friend's bride and stay away from the booze when your friend's parents are around. So, with that in mind, imagine the nincompoop who has the gall to ignore a friend's wife and disrespect her so much so that the author has taken upon himself to be very specific about this scenario - as I said, that would be a page 3 bimbo/ stud.That said; let’s not throw this guy under the bus, OK? He does now and then in the book give some genuinely good advice and I particularly liked about how he mentions the need to maintain a tradition. I do that with some of my friends. Also, he talks about how to maintain a distance with friends far more powerful in the society outside and that's good as I have some who are way beyond my reach and maintaining my respectful distance has kept those friendships intact.So, if you are a rich person failing miserably at kitty parties, this book is God's way of telling you how much he loves you. Others can turn to books written for lesser mortals.