The Racketeer

The Racketeer - John Grisham The three stars for the way the book started - a calculated pace. Sounded so promising but three fourths into the book, you begin to wonder if Mr. Grisham just decided to hand the damn thing to a ghost writer to finish it up. Why do I think so? because the what happens three fourths into the book is so feel-wise different than how it moves afterwards. That and the lady sidekick to the protagonist made me want to puke my midnight snack - don't get me wrong, I admire a hot pair of legs on a woman, mother of two or not but a mother of two who happen to be adults themselves makes you want to picture a cougar from a soft porn with a bad lip job. Man, that is so wrong on so many goddamn levels. So, my unorganized bitching apart, I would say this book deserves a "meh".