The Prophet

The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran So, I got invited to this dinner hosted by an amazing couple. Very well respected in our family circles and known for the exceptional food they would personally make when hosting such dinners. The food was bland as the taste of cold steel. In my opinion at the least. However, everyone but me at that dinner praised the texture, the myriad colors in the dishes, the "smoky" aroma of the boiled fish etc. and mind you this was the creme de la creme of the intellectual crowd and decision makers at top corporate houses doling out these compliments and here I was a street food hogger wrinkling his face at this food artistry. You see, that was my experience with this book. Here I am, a dumb IT guy reading a book touted as the finest in the matters of everything and yet I have read all of what this book professes in 5 buck self-help books already. This book's fault lies not in what it says but what it is saying has been said a LOT of times (wait..what?). Very nice book but as I said, I am just a dumb guy trying to figure out the relevance of this knowledge Mr. Gibran has bestowed on us in today's day and age and whether it deserves to rake in the adulation it is raking in. Do you read me? am I getting to you? No? However, one has to give credit where it is due, Mr. Gibran touches on subjects at such tender spots that if read in the right environment, those words could be as potent as spears.