Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change

Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change - Charles Duhigg Sometimes, a subject matter expert is not the best person to explain what he does. Case in example being Mr. Sigmund Freud, I wonder how many of those in general stream not related the world of psychotherapy would have understood his masterpiece "The Interpretation of Dreams" let alone complete reading it? My guess is, not a whole lot. The author Mr.Charles Duhigg, makes it very clear in his book that he is not from the world of psychology and why he was motivated to write about this book. So, as one non-expert to another, this book does justice as a very clear conversation on the topic of habits in layman perspective. I liked the way he supports every technical explanation with stories and labors through various (necessary) digressions to arrive at a point. Plus, the author does one thing that I appreciate about and expect from writers delving into human psychology; He stand his ground and is adamant that the world runs on the concept(s) he has laid out in his book. The conviction behind the idea, misplaced or not, so strong that it has the audacity to paint the picture of the world by its dictum. A book is essentially an idea explained and broken down to give clarity, what's the use if it does not convince you the reader about itself? That this book does and does so magnanimously by claiming ownership of the most amazing revolution on civil rights, lays claim to one a many successes and losses and even Michael Phelps!Beautiful! I loved it. However, I must warn you; this book is not your regular self-help stuff. This is an idea that explains itself and begs you to recognize its potential. So, there is very little in the way of remedy or tricks and tips here save a page or two on what the author tried for his sugar cravings. Enjoy it for what it is. A very strong idea which very well written about.